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Brands That Have Proven Their Worth

At SecurKey Locksmith in Montreal and the surroundings, we only work with brand products. Here is our product line.

Primus® de Schlage

The Primus with its unique patented side-bit milling is rigidly controlled. Only the Schlage factory cuts the side-bit milling on the special key blanks. These key blanks are issued to specific Primus center locksmiths for the duplication of keys. This feature successfully protects against the unauthorized duplication of keys.


Medeco is one of the leaders in locks and locking systems for security, safety, and control. The UL listed Medeco cylinder is famous for its resistance to picking, drilling, and other forms of attack. Coupled with uncompromised key control, Medeco is a good answer to your high security needs.


Mul-T-Lock is one of the leaders in developing, manufacturing and marketing high security products for institutional, commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications. Mul-T-Lock’s range includes mechanical cylinders, locks and padlocks, electromechanical locking systems and automatic assembly and key-cutting machines.


With Scorpion locks, the variety of residential and commercial door hardware is unparalleled. Merged with outstanding expertise, this remarkable variety allows increased flexibility and timely service for the customer year-round.


Abloy’s fully patented single and two-way systems offer many unique features. Their patents cover both the mechanism and key, enabling the company to offer long lasting protection of keys.

Looking for a specific part? Call us to know if we have it in stock.

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